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Our Wedding Rates

Plan 1 -  £599

One hour attendance across the wedding ceremony. We will provide a minimum of 40 high resolution images to choose from. Included in the price are the rights to your photos supplied as digital files on a disc for you to use/print as you wish. The perfect budget package. 

Plan 2 - £699
As plan 1 plus an extra hour of coverage capturing your arrival, the wedding and immediately after for formal shots of you and your guests. 
A minimum of 75 hi-res images for you to choose supplied as digital files on a disc for you to use/print as you wish. This package is designed to capture before during and after the ceremony.

Plan 3 - £799
Everything from Plan 2 plus 3 hours of coverage, and a minimum of 100 high resolution images.
This package should give enough time to cover from prior to the ceremony up to the early part of the reception.

Plan 4 - £999
A fabulous package designed to give you that bit more. It includes up to 4 hours of coverage across the wedding day as well as a minimum of 150 high resolution images,  Also included in this package is a Crystal Photobook which beautifully presents your wedding photos.

Plan 5 - £1.749
The Ultimate package - you will have the full day of coverage, start and finish as required. In addition to this you will also receive 200+ high resolution images on disc for you to do with as you wish. This package is completed by your own luxury 20 page Photobook. It is a truly stunning album, unique to you.

Every package includes a consultation session where we will work with you to understand what it is that you would like from the day and get a better feel for the type of photos you wish to obtain.

Other options are available at additional cost include:
-Projection of photos during reception / dinner
-Photo books
-Canvas prints
-Attendance and photos at your rehearsal
-Additional hours to extend coverage on the day

All of these prices include my travel anywhere in Yorkshire. I would also be happy to travel to any part of the UK for an additional fee. 

These packages represent the most popular choices but are changeable should you desire. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding pricing or the packages outlined above.


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